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Sacramento : An Evening of Art, Music, Presentations, Friendship and Solidarity!

Come Out and Meet Hy Thurman | Co-founder of the Young Patriots

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Members of the public are invited to a provocative and historic cultural and social event to benefit the North Alabama School for Organizers (NASO). All proceeds will go to benefit NASO’s Free Car Repair Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama.

This one-day-only pop-up art show will highlight historical material and photographs from the history of organizing by the Young Patriots organization among poor whites who migrated from the South to the Chicago area. The evening includes live music performance, presentations, and lively conversation! This event represents a nexus for art and community organizing, offering an opportunity to learn about multi-racial organizing through an immersive art experience that includes photographs, video, presentations, and music.

Featured Speaker: Hy Thurman
Hy Thurman is a co-founder of the Young Patriots Organization. Based in Chicago, the Young Patriots mobilized poor whites against racism and poverty. Together with the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party and the Puerto Rican Young Lords, they organized the First Rainbow Coalition. Hy remains active today with the Northern Alabama School for Organizers. His book Revolutionary Hillbilly: Notes From the Struggle at the Edge of the Rainbow was published in 2021.

 Live Music By:
Mike Hellman is a country and americana troubadour with a bent for the unconventional. Slinging songs with substance, conviction and grit, he’s on a mission to tell his truth and he insists on being heard. While firmly rooted in the rich country and blues traditions of his home state of Texas, he refuses to pander to cliché and his sound is anything but predictable. His lively performances swing from ballad to barn burner to outright rock ‘n’ roll, and his rich baritone conjures earnestness and humor while dealing head-on with all aspects of the human condition (and with a not-so-subtle nod to the underdog). An “outlaw” for outlaws, Mike's music transcends the often narrow boundaries set by the mainstream country music establishment. Mike released three singles in 2021-22, which have enjoyed enthusiastic reception on Gimme Country, NPR, Pacifica and independent radio stations across the United States and Europe. His debut full length album "Trials and Triumphs" is expected in 2023, and he plans to tour extensively to support the release.

Gabby G plays bass in the punk/metal band Get The Wall and is a long time political activist from Sacramento
Casey Thompson is a country and folk musician organizing labor and mutual aid initiatives in Sacramento

Art Show: Photos and cultural materials from the Young Patriots.

Date: Friday, December 1, 2023
Time: 6:30 to 9:00 PM
Location: Verge Center for the Arts / 625 S Street in Sacramento, CA

This event is free! All ages welcome. Refreshments will be available.

This event is sponsored by:
Democratic Socialists of America- Sacramento and Yolo County
Brown Berets, Sacramento
Industrial Workers of the World, Sacramento

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