• Voices OF Strength

    Voices of Strength (VOS) is a 501c3 organization founded in August 2020 for the impacted families of police killings.

    VOS was founded by Marissa Barrera, the sister of Michael Barrera, who was killed by Woodland PD in 2017. She started it as a resource for impacted families and survivors of police terrorism.

    We are based out of Sacramento, CA but work with impacted families from across the nation.   

    Mission & Vision

  • What we Do

    The 3 components to our organization include:Support, digital story-telling & legal resources.



    No one knows what it's like when your loved one is killed by police, except other impacted families.


    We organize private calls and group support meetings to assist families through peer to peer mentoring


    Digital Story-telling

    We uplift the voices of impacted families from across the nation in telling their stories.

    Our organization provides families the opportunity to highlight their loved ones stories across various social media platforms.



    Video, audio and social media posts.


    Legal Resources

    Many impacted families are put into this situation, with little knowledge about the law or police killings.

    As our org grows we aim to offer legal consulting to help families work through their cases.

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