• Voices of Strength: Weekly Series

    How we started

    The Voices of Strength Series premiered on 11/4/2020 with Episode #1, The Story of Thomas Purdy. We are scheduled to run throughout the year of 2021, and each week, we will be showcasing and highlighting a different victim.


    Victims of police killings immediately get their character assassinated in the media after their killing, with their true stories never being heard by most.

    Our series is unique, as we speak directly with their impacted family members and loved ones of victims of police killings.

    Many people are not aware of the injustices, cover-ups and cruel treatment that is inflicted onto impacted families, immediately after the loss of their loved ones, forever making a deep impact.

    Our guests join us from across the nation to share their testimonies. You can find our recordings below and subscribe to our series HERE.

    **The Voices of Strength Series is hosted by Marissa Barrera, sister of Michael Barrera, killed at the hands of Woodland Police Officers in Woodland, CA on 2/8/17.

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